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2018 has been designated The Year Of Physical Activity for Hertfordshire

2018 has been designated The Year Of Physical Activity for Hertfordshire. Driven by Hertfordshire County Council and Herts Sports Partnership, the campaign aims to introduce and develop more physical activity for all of the family with lots of events and activities throughout the year. Over the next 12 months we will help to promote through your surgery website and also through our Facebook and Twitter pages @leavalleyhealth.

Further Information:

Broxbourne Health Walks (Walking for Health)

Bencroft Wood walk details

Sculpture Trail walk details

Active Herts – Your first step towards leading a healthier lifestyle

Are you a resident living in the Borough of Broxbourne looking to become more active but don’t know where to look or who to talk to? If the answer is yes then why not try Active Herts.

Active Herts has a variety of low impact exercise sessions which have been set up in the local area including swimming, exercise classes, health walks and many more. All these sessions have been designed to cater for people who are new to exercise and are looking to become more active to self-manage a medical condition. The great thing about Active Herts is that all participants who sign up can receive 12 weeks of free exercise sessions and 12 months of continued support from the local Get Active Specialist.

To get started:

Telephone: 07506 503316
Active Herts in Broxbourne Video (YouTube)
Active Herts Leaflet