Flu campaign

Lea Valley Health has successfully bid for £3,750 of health funding to support the locality Flu campaign this year.  The monies will used in partnership with pharmacies in the locality to enhance patient engagement and uptake of the Flu vaccine.

Winter Access

Increasing access to GPs over the winter months.

Each year the government offer some additional funding for GP services to support the predicted increase in demand that winter brings.  Lea Valley Health will be co-ordinating all 8 practices within the locality to maximise GP availability during the winter months.


Teledermatology is an exciting new pilot service starting from the 16th November 2015.   The Royal Free London (RFL) and Lea Valley Health are launching a Teledermatology service for patients with single, uncomplicated skin lesions.  This service will enable patients to receive care locally in a timely manner rather than being referred to a surrounding hospital.  Patients which have a query skin condition that requires advice or guidance can be referred to the RFL service and will be booked for medical photography of the condition.  Over the next couple of weeks the condition will be photographed and the images will be assessed by consultant dermatologists in the RFL.  Your GP will then receive advice and guidance on your condition and how best to treat it.

To-date the pilot has been very well received by patients who no longer need to arrange for travel and inconvenience to attend a hospital appointment.  Results to-date indicate that 90% of appropriate patients seen in this pathway can be managed by your GP and do not warrant a referral to hospital.

Health Campaigns

One of the areas of focus for the federation will be to take a lead patient facing role, supporting many Public Health and NHS England health campaigns. This public engagement role will co-ordinate the locality resource to ensure people in Lower Lea Valley receive relevant communications in a variety of formats to maximise their engagement and support for a healthier lifestyle.